Kevin Hart Was Allegedly Caught Cheating On His Pregnant Wife

Another day, another elaborate Hollywood cheating scandal. Because these things always tend to be complicated with lots of he said/she said and we are all busy people with our own lives to live, I am breaking down for you exactly what is happening with Kevin Hart so you don’t have to scour the depths of the internet to gather all the facts.

Let’s get into it.

On Wednesday morning, Radar Online posted a paparazzi video of Kevin Hart hooking up with someone who was NOT his wife in the backseat of a car. The video was allegedly taken at 5:00 A.M. on July 3 outside a Miami hotel. Hart was seen climbing into the passenger seat with the woman at one point and they apparently spent about 20 minutes in the Lexus.

Check out the receipts for yourself:

The two were apparently seen together at Miami nightclub LIV earlier that night to celebrate Hart’s 38th birthday.

His wife, Eniko Parrish Hart, was not at the club event because she is six months pregnant with Hart’s child.

Parrish Hart, who has been married to Hart for almost a year, is an aspiring actress and model.

Where this whole thing becomes even more problematic is that he allegedly already has a history of cheating. He officially started dating Parish Hart only a couple months after ending his first marriage with Torrei Hart but Torrei Hart has another idea of what happened.

She once told Entertainment Tonight, “It does hurt to see my kids have to be around the woman that broke up my marriage.”

Hart himself insinuated the same thing on an appearance on Chelsea Lately¬†saying, “I can say I messed my first marriage up. I am man enough to say that. At the same time, that is when I was in the prime of my sexy, so don’t blame me. That’s when I was figuring it out.”

Hours after this story broke, Hart posted a defense on Instagram in the form of a meme (because 2017).

Parrish Hart has yet to comment on the allegations herself, but she just posted a baby bump picture on Instagram.

Hart can deny the allegations all he wants but it seems pretty damning that there is literally video footage of you hooking up with a girl in a car outside your hotel at 5:00 A.M. Even if he wanted to claim that they were just talking, what would he be talking in a private car to a woman about at that hour? Was it a business meeting? He was trying out a new comedy routine to a fan? Getting parenting advice for his pregnant wife?

Kevin, I think that this situation needs a bit more than just a meme to clear everything up.

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