Princess Charlotte Is Warming Hearts With Her First Curtsy

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has been capturing our hearts since the day she was born. Case in point, this adorable photo.


And as she makes it through her second year of life, Princess Charlotte just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

She recently made waves throughout the world as she was caught on film making her first public curtsy. Women and men alike shed a tear across the universe because nothing would ever be that cute again.

Our adorable little princess seems a little unsure about her next move but we love it and we are sure that she will continue to grow into her role as the princess as the years go on.

This wasn’t just a big trip for Charlotte because of that, she also was filmed having her first diplomatic handshake with a German official.

Age two and still has made more of a political impact than most aspiring politicians.

You go, girl! She’s ready for the throne.

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