Louis Tomlinson Opens Up About Reconciling With Zayn Malik









We all remember the fateful day when Zayn Malik left One Direction. It was March 25, 2015, to be exact. Fans everywhere were crushed and saw the band’s inevitable future coming to a close. Fans weren’t the only ones shocked and upset, so were his bandmates, more specifically Louis Tomlinson.

A few months after Zayn’s departure, he and Louis got into a Twitter fight for the whole world to see.

If this was in public, could you even imagine the drama going on in private? Since Zayn left the once super close bandmates haven’t been friends.

Louis’s mom recently passed away due to Leukemia. The year in between her diagnosis and death she kept urging Louis to make amends with Zayn. Zayn has had zero social media and public interaction with his former bandmates since he left. He was the only one to not tweet when Louis’s mother died or when Harry’s stepfather died. Both passed away earlier this year.

Even though animosity was running high, Louis followed through on his mother’s wishes and met up with Zayn. He told The Sun that his mother kept telling to not hold on to grudges and that life is fleeting.

He said that One Direction had a mini reunion at the X Factor finale when Louis performed for the first time since his mother’s death. Now we just need a reunion tour.


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