Try Not To Laugh At This Couple’s Ultimate Wedding Fail


Your wedding day is supposed to be magical, perfect and stress-free. Just by watching a few different TLC shows, I know that is not the case.

Hana Haka and Tyler Noland got married earlier this month and the two almost had a picture perfect wedding.

While leaving their reception, they were sent off by all their friends cheering and tossing balloons. The scene was adorable.

The couple then got into a Mercedes convertible, which would whisk them away into the night for their honeymoon. The couple was perched on the back of the convertible ready to wave goodbye to all of their guests but their driver Dave had other plans.

Hana yelled “Let’s go, Dave!” and oh, did Dave go. He put the pedal to the metal and the bride and groom literally fell backwards out of the car. Thankfully they were okay and nobody was injured. The clip is hilarious.

That said, I think Dave’s driving career is over.


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