Harper Beckham Just Discovered Her Mother Was A Spice Girl







What would you do if your mom sat you down and told you that she was part of a very successful girl band that topped charts and made musical history?

That’s exactly what happened to Harper Beckham this weekend when Victoria Beckham told her all about being a member of the Spice Girls.

In a series of Instagram story posts, Beckham showed off all of her vintage Spice Girl dolls, including one of herself wearing a little black dress.


All of the dolls, which were found on Christmas lists all over the world during the peak of the Spice Girls stardom in the ’90s, are all accounted for. Scary Spice is wearing a leopard-print two piece, Ginger Spice is wearing a Union Jack Dress, Sporty Spice is sporting some activewear and Baby Spice is wearing a shiny pink dress.

The encounter with the dolls was Harper’s first glimpse at her mother’s fame as a former international pop star.

Beckham captioned one photo, “When u find out mummy was a pop star!!”


Another picture shows Harper playing with Baby and Posh clearly having chosen her favorites. Beckham captioned that one, “Spice up your life!”


It’s nice to know that Beckham hasn’t forgotten her roots as she is currently famous for being a fashion designer.

Harper may have just discovered her mother’s former career, but she is definitely aware of her father’s. In 2015, she told her mom that she wanted to be a soccer star just like her dad, David Beckham.

Harper, your mom is THE Posh Spice, don’t ever forget that.

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