This Travel Agency Will Send You On A Super Cheap Vacation

Have you ever wanted to just pack up your things and go on a trip? Pack Up + Go is the travel agency that’ll help relieve some of that pre-travel stress for you. Imagine someone else doing all of the heavy work. From booking affordable plane tickets to checking the weather, travel agency Pack Up + Go will do it all for you. Sounds great, right?

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This travel agency will send you on a short vacation and do all of the planning. The catch? You won’t know where you’re going until you get to the airport. Consider it blind dating but with vacation destinations. These quick getaways are designed for us to explore all the beauty and diversity right here in America. According to the Pack Up + Go’s website, “The United States has just as many destinations, oddities and microcultures as anywhere else on Earth. Pack Up + Go is a celebration of our country’s expansive resources, and embodiment of open mindedness, spontaneity, and excitement.”

Here’s how it all works: you give the agency a budget for your trip then you’ll receive an e-mail with your traveling information including directions about where to board on the plane, the bus, etc. and even the local weather forecast After the e-mail, more information will come in the mail but you are not allowed to open it until you are about to board. Pack Up + Go even has your back on the small details. You get a city guide and information about your accommodations so you can bypass all the paperwork.

Multi-traveler vacations taking either a plane or bus start at $650 and can go up to $1,000 if you’re traveling solo. If you want a road trip, multi-travelers start at  $400 and start at $800 if you’re traveling by yourself.

Sounds like a pretty good deal right? Let’s explore.

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