You’ll Never Guess Which Female Comedian Made Forbes List History

This news is bittersweet.

Forbes came out with their list of the highest-paid comedians of last year and there was only one female on the list. She is also the first female to EVER make the list. It’s a landmark achievement, but it’s sad that it’s being made in 2017.

Amy Schumer was the funny lady making her laughs turn into cash on the list. It’s not surprising that Amy made some serious dough last year. She was everywhere.

Amy made $37.5 million last year. Her income came from her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, a tour with Aziz Ansari, an $8 million book advance for The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, starring in her own movie Trainwreck, her Netflix stand up special and endorsement deals with Bud Light and Old Navy.

Out of the list, Amy ranked number five. She just beat out Kevin Hart for the number five spot, but is still trailing Dave Chapelle, who’s at number four. The number one comedian is Jerry Seinfeld with a whopping $69 million. He’s still cashing in from the Seinfeld syndication checks.

Amy impressively made a ton of her money from touring, which is usually a pay day struggle for female comedians. She toured with Aziz Ansari and he didn’t even make the list.

Amy went from not even being ranked to placing number four. She’s only going to keep going up from here.


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