‘Bachelorette’ Fans Would Very Much Like Bryan To Be Removed From This Narrative

*adopts Regina George voice* Here’s the thing about Bryan. All he cares about is his mom, and school, and his friends.

Substitute those three innocuous nouns for “winning,” “the,” and “Bachelorette,” and we have the crux of what many viewers feel about Bryan Abasolo — that he’s disingenuous, and that if it seems like he is “too perfect” to perceptive attorney Rachel Lindsay, chances are, he probably is.

Season 13 Bachelorette viewers live staunchly on Team Peter¬†Island Peter¬†Small Wedding on a Remote Beach Peter, and they are getting increasingly disenchanted with the season’s progression as it becomes more and more clear that Rachel will choose frontrunner Bryan instead of mature, emotionally intelligent Peter Kraus.

In Monday’s episode, Rachel favored Bryan over Peter because he was ready to get engaged before the show’s six weeks were up, whereas Peter took a more realistic approach to engagement, saying that he wouldn’t participate in faux romance for a TV show, but would pursue the relationship with her to see where it went.

Of course, being The Bachelorette, what viewers want to happen never ever happens, and people are taking to Twitter to air out their frustrations.


You still have time, Rachel… make the right decision.

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