18-Year-Old Tyler Jarrell Killed By Ride At Ohio State Fair








The Ohio State Fair started off this year with a tragedy. 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell died when the Fire Ball ride fell apart while in use.

A piece of the ride snapped off and Tyler along with other fair goers went flying. Tyler is the only death so far and seven other people are injured. There is a graphic video circulating on Twitter of the tragedy.

1. Tyler just graduated from Franklin Heights high school and just joined the Marine Corps.


Tyler was excited about joining the Marine Corps and posted his initiation into their recruiting program on his Instagram.

2. His girlfriend Keziah Lewis is one of the seven critically injured people from the ride.


Keziah doesn’t remember the accident and according to the Columbus Dispatch woke up asking where Tyler was. A family member had to break the news about his death to her.

3. Tyler used to work at McDonald’s with his girlfriend Keziah.


Tyler met Keziah when they both started working at a local McDonald’s. They started dating despite being co-workers.

4. He had an interest in flying.

He would post photos of him flying on his Facebook.

5. Tyler was super close to his family.

His pinned tweet is a funny video of his mom. His Twitter and Instagram are littered with photos and videos of his family.

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