Perrie Edwards Might Have Called Out Gigi Hadid At A Recent Concert

Just when you think the Perrie Edwards vs. Gigi Hadid feud is over, something happens. Despite the fact that Zayn and Gigi have been together for over a year and Perrie has moved on, it doesn’t seem as though there’s any sign of their beef stopping anytime soon.

This particular incident requires some context, so here’s the brief history of Gigi vs. Perrie.

Perrie Edwards was engaged to Zayn for quite a while before he broke up with her as he embarked upon a solo career. From there, Zayn moved on with Gigi Hadid, which may have left Perrie feeling a little bit bitter about her own treatment in their breakup and alleging that Zayn cheated on her. She responded by releasing a song with Little Mix, the amazing “Shout Out To My Ex,” which involves Edwards singing the lyric, “I hope she’s gettin’ better sex. Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, baby.” Subtle!

From there, Gigi called Perrie “immature” and then it seems that the feud was put on hold for a bit… until now.

Little Mix recently performed at a concert in New Zealand and as Perrie sang the infamous “fakin’ it” lyric, some fans are speculating that she may have modified the words.

If you listen closely, fans say that Perrie changed the song to say, “Hope she’s ain’t fakin’ it like Hadid.” This was only made a little more suspect by her fellow bandmate, Jade Thirlwall, laughing.

Other fans are skeptical, saying that Perrie’s voice actually cracked and her accent simply made it sound as though she was saying Gigi’s last name. They also claim Jade is simply laughing at the voice crack, not the alleged joke.

Either way, let’s just admit one thing: this song is such a guilty pleasure.

What do you think? Was Perrie calling out Gigi?

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Maybe next time they could just release a single called, “Shout Out To Gigi Hadid.” Might be a bit more direct.

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