Rihanna Shut Down A Body Shamer In The Most Perfect Way









Rihanna has been in the press a lot lately. She’s in the new movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and was spotted with a new bae.

When you’re in the press so much people are going to talk and they’ve been talking about Rihanna’s weight. A topic that shouldn’t be discussed at all because it doesn’t really matter.

But people are now calling Rihanna curvy and fat because the singer put on a few pounds. She has been ruthless against the body shamers and this fan account is no exception.

The fan account @robynsbish posted a TBT video of Rihanna in a convince store with an armful of snacks. Her best friend Melissa Forde is filming and says “You’re judging her, stop judging her.” Rihanna seems unbothered with her huge amount of junk food. The fan account posted the video in support of Rihanna against the body shamers saying “Everybody calling rob too fat [Melissa] telling you what to do in this video K!! #mindyourbusiness.”


But still trolls are trolls and didn’t listen to the Rihanna stan and commented about Rihanna’s weight gain in the comments. Rihanna herself commented on the video “Somebody called me too fat? 😂😂😂”  The fan account commented back clarifying that nobody is calling her fat and to happy in your skin.


Either way Rihanna is on the prowl for body shamers so mind you business.


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