Two VS Angels Are Sharing How To Take The Perfect Instagram Photos

Models completely dominate social media.

Sara Sampaio and Elsa Hosk, two Victoria’s Secret Angels, both beautiful on the inside and out, spoke to Elite Daily about being fashion role models and how to take the most perfect Instagram selfie.

Hosk was a professional basketball player in Sweden before she turned to Victoria’s Secret full-time. She said that the Angels are great role models because they all have “really beautiful personalities” and they “genuinely care about each other and about being good role models to young girls.”

Sampaio added that they possess “great work ethic and persistence” considering she tried out for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show three times before finally getting a booking for the first time in 2013.

While most of us aren’t getting ready to strut the runway, it’s intriguing how these models get their bodies ready for the big show. Surprisingly, both Hosk and Sampaio mentioned body confidence and avoiding comparing themselves to others.

“Everyone is built differently,” said Sampaio. “But don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. It’s way more important what’s on the inside. For me to stay confident, I just always try to keep a positive attitude and keep up hard work.”

Hosk continued, “There is so much insecurity if you compare yourself to others constantly. In general, comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere because everyone is unique. You have to find an inner confidence. Confidence doesn’t come from what you look like; it comes from what’s inside.”

Hosk and Sampaio are part of a modeling industry that includes young stars like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid as a large part of its voice. The Victoria’s Secret Angels are claiming their own social media not just for likes, but also to do some good.

Sampiao commented, “When I started, models weren’t celebrities and didn’t have a voice, they only modeled clothes. Now with social media, we are back to having a voice and back on the covers of magazines, as well as working on big campaigns. People really start noticing us much more which gives us a platform to share what we really believe in.”

“I work with an organization in Washington D.C. that rescues girls from slavery and human trafficking and has a program for them when they come back into society,” Hosk said. “It’s been a very beautiful and heartbreaking experience to work with them. It’s something that people need to speak out about more because they need more resources.”

On a less serious note, both models had something to say about taking an amazing selfie worthy of Instagram.

“The lighting makes all the difference!” Sampaio said. “But I think what’s the most important really is being authentic. Show a little bit of who you are, but without giving too much, because some things are supposed to be private.”

Hosk agreed. “Light! I would also say authenticity. Also, I think you can feel when a photo is staged or authentic. I think people really respond to photos that feel authentic, like when it’s a snapshot out of your real life, when it’s a really cool image.”

All you need are millions of followers, a professional stylist and a lighting crew to follow you around.

Just kidding. The point is that, as long as you’re being yourself, there’s no such thing as a bad selfie.

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