Little Girl Ruins Parents’ Fresh Cement Floor While Somehow Remaining Adorable

If you’ve ever remodeled anywhere in your house, it’s definitely tough to avoid ruining it. Either a pet or one of the family members probably forgets about the remodeling at some point and messes it all up. This family encountered a similar situation that involved their two-year-old daughter and the results will crack you up.

Jonathan Porter, the owner of Porter Concrete Construction Co. in Tennessee, didn’t expect to see small footprints across the fresh cement in the basement when he went to check up on it 45 minutes after pouring it all over the floor. Then he discovered the adorable Izzadora Millaway in a sticky situation. The young girl shockingly made it half way across the floor, but then realized she was stuck.

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Porter found the entire situation to be hilarious and posted it on Facebook after getting Izzadora out of trouble from her parents.

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“Normally we see cats and dogs run or walk in concrete… but not this time. This little girl was trying to go see her mom and dad, so she came from upstairs to the basement to find them,” he said in the post.

As for the courageous young girl, she was all cleaned up and even slipped through the problem smoothly. Porter then fixed up the floor and even left a little section of Izzadora’s footprints for memory of the amazing incident.

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