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You Can Now Call A Help Hotline For Your Botched Fake Tan


Messed up tan lines are the easiest ways to ruin a perfect night out, a fun getaway, or a relaxing vacation. How could it get any worse? If you try to fix the lines with self-tanner, it just might backfire. You could forget to wash the guide color off and end up looking like a carrot for your entire trip or you could forget to do your back, arms, or legs and look splotchy and uneven.

Have no fear, there’s now a help hotline for these types of tanning catastrophes.


Self-tan brand Tan-Luxe has launched a 24-hour global help hotline, properly titled TAN LINE, to give advice when you’ve messed up your tan line so bad that going outside seems like an impossibility. And the best part? The line is actually helpful.

Call the help hotline at 833-826-5893  and there will be a tanning expert at the ready, able to give you tips on how to fix your botched self-tanning job and even more tips on how to perfect the art of self-tanning if you’re brave enough to try again.

So, the next time you decide to give yourself a tan before you put on that white dress, don’t cancel anything, just give the TAN LINE experts a call.

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