This Couple’s ‘Jeopardy’ Love Story Is Unbelievable

New York Times

“Wow congrats on the wedding, how did you two meet?”



Alright, let me back up a little bit.

Every year Jeopardy hosts a “teachers tournament,” in which teachers who scored well enough on an online quiz are asked to audition and then be on the show.

Tha’s when Maryanne Lowell, who’s from Canada, and Michael Townes, who is from South Carolina, met.

The two actually competed on different shows. Lowell made it to semi finals with two days of filming and Townes didn’t make it past quarter finals on his show. All the contestants went out for drinks on the first night of filming and that is when sparks really started to fly between Lowell and Townes. After leaving drinks that night, Townes apparently couldn’t shut up about Lowell when talking to another contestant.

Fellow contestant Marybeth Hammerstorm said, “Our conversation with Townes started with him saying ‘that girl from Canada is so smart,’ and continued with him saying ‘that girl from Canada is so beautiful’ and ‘that girl from Canada is so witty.’ The conversation ended with Townes saying ‘that girl from Canada is way out of my league.'”

The next night, some of the contestants went out to dinner and while Townes did go for a little bit, he had to go catch his red eye, so he left pretty quickly. Lowell remembers that she was really sad to see him go but said that she knew that she was from Canada and he was from South Carolina so it was never going to work out due to distance.

Right after the show wrapped, all the contestants started a Facebook group chat and Lowell and Townes quickly moved the conversation over to their personal conversations, where they talked about comics, politics, travel and science fiction movies.

“She was always on my mind,” Townes said. “Most of the things I texted her were really an excuse for me to talk to her again.”

A month later, Townes got up the courage to send a more straightforward text.

“At the risk of what seems like a fairly strong friendship here, I just have to say, I hope it’s not too weird, but if we lived in the same city, there is no way I wouldn’t have asked you out by now.”

Townes then went to visit Lowell in St. John’s and Lowell went on a Townes family trip to Edisto Island, South Carolina a couple months later.

They got married on July 7 of this year, four years after they originally met.

Lowell is planning on moving to South Carolina, but first, she has to get all of her immigration paperwork taken care of and transfer over her teaching certificate.

Of course, it wouldn’t be anything Jeopardy related without Alex Trebek getting involved, so on their wedding day, Trebek sent them a card that said, “My congratulations to the couple. Although Maryanne and Michael are not the first couple to have met on Jeopardy and gone on to be married, they participated in one of our best Teacher Tournaments.”

Cheers to a match made in Jeopardy heaven.

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