Michelle Carter Sentenced To Jail For Involuntary Manslaughter

Getty Images/Boston Globe via Cosmo

Remember that case less than a month ago where a girl, Michelle Carter, encouraged her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to kill himself by sending him over a hundred text messages? In the end, the boy ended up dying by suicide after she persuaded him to get back in a car with a portable generator running. Well, now the 20-year-old has been sentenced to prison for 15 months for involuntary manslaughter.

After Roy died, Carter, who was 17 years old at the time, texted a friend saying, “His death is my fault like honestly I could have stopped him,” and Judge Moniz immediately found it to be one of the most concrete evidence.

Carter faced up to 20 years in prison for her crime, but then the prosecution asked the judge for no less than seven years and no more than 12 years in prison. The defense, in turn, requested five years of heavily supervised probation.

During the trial, she pleaded not guilty to all the charges and even waived her right to a jury — making the judge be responsible to determine her fate. The prosecution argued that Carter urged her boyfriend to kill himself in a way to gain attention. In turn, Carter’s defense stated that she was involuntarily intoxicated while sending those text messages and that her antidepressants were responsible for her actions.

Carter and Roy’s entire families were present for the sentencing and Carter began to weep while the prosecution presented her case and the judge reading the official sentencing.

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