According To A ‘New York Post’ Article, ‘Boobs Are Back’

Fashion changes every day. As Heidi Klum said on Project Runway, “One day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” Trends come and go. According to a New York Post writer named Joely Chilcott, boobs are officially in and butts are officially out. Chilcott seems to be commenting on the recent focus on larger breasts as opposed to larger butts.

Chilcott uses Rihanna as an example when attempting to prove her point.

Obviously, there are a few issues here.

Body parts are not trends. They are permanent and often unchangeable. They can be modified with surgery, but in the end, many (most) women can’t afford to opt for these procedures and actually prefer for their anatomy to be excluded from being deemed trendy or in need of unnecessary modification. All bodies and their parts are valid.

Also, using Rihanna as an example only intensifies the fact that even women whose bodies are considered “trendy” or “in” will be subjected to fat-shaming and body-shaming. If the bodies that are considered most desirable still face harsh, insulting and offensive critiques, then what is to be said about the bodies that are contrary? A body can’t be “out” or “wrong” or “off season” but either way, even the most societally welcomed of bodies and parts will be criticized.

Social media agreed and effectively ripped the article to shreds.

Twitter users were “irritated” by these comments, and rightfully so.

Another Twitter user pointed out the unhealthy hypocrisy of the article and society’s lack of body positivity.

Their words were hilarious.

But also very real.

And they couldn’t help but point out the ridiculousness of the articles.

While being hilarious, of course.

Thankfully, boobs, butts and everything in between are never really in or out. They aren’t trends and they aren’t going anywhere, no matter what the New York Post, the fashion world, online commenters, or anyone else really thinks.

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