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Shotgun A Beer & Laugh At These 10 Memes In Honor Of International Beer Day


Beer is easily one’s drink of choice year-round. Grab one in the summer and lounge in the backyard if you’ve had a long day, channel your aggression into beer pong during fall frat parties, or buy an IPA during happy hour if you’re on a budget. Some of the best memories are associated with beer, from tailgating to cookouts. After all, it’s the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic drink.

We’re lucky beer goes so well with all of our favorite dishes. It pairs perfectly with pizza, any type of meat, ice cream, or pasta. Not typically a fan? Try out beer ice cream, beer jam, or even gluten-free beer.

The holiday has gone international with festivals taking place across the globe, from Europe to South America. Oktoberfest, anyone? In honor of International Beer Day, grab a can and enjoy these memes. What better way to celebrate the holiday? Well, other than shotgunning or bonging a beer, that is.

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