8 Seth Rogen Tweets That Will Make You Spit Out Your Cereal

Seth Rogen’s Twitter presence has the ability to both make you nod with fierce recognition and snort aloud in a public place — often simultaneously. His brash, raw, and relatable sense of humor resonates when he comments on current events (his political commentary rivals Chrissy Teigen) and when he speaks about his own life. My personal favorite brand of Seth Rogen tweets are those he directs at his mom, but I digress.

From scrolling mindlessly through his Twitter feed for a few minutes, it was easy to compile a few of his most notable recent tweets, regarding everything from Breitbart to drugs to The Little Mermaid. Just make sure you aren’t drinking anything while you read them.

When he had some thoughts about our president:

When he disagreed with company policy:

When he appreciated a classic for what it is:

When his mother embarrassed him online:

But still helped him out when he needed it:

When he couldn’t comprehend the hypocrisy:

When he gave good advice:

And when he stated the facts:

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