Ashley Graham Skipped Last Year’s Met Gala Because No Designer Would Dress Her

Ashley Graham has been barreling through the fashion worlds messed up standards for models. The plus size model has been gracing magazine covers that no plus size model has ever been. But breaking ceilings isn’t always easy.

The Oscars of fashion is the Met Gala. It’s an event at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City that launches the museum’s new fashion exhibit. The event is thrown by the Met and Vogue, so you better believe Anna Wintour holds all the power of the event.

Ashley was telling New York Magazine how she was “on hold” for the 2016 gala. That just means being on the event’s waitlist. But when it came down to it Ashley couldn’t attend because she couldn’t find a designer to dress her in time.

The model says it wasn’t personal they just didn’t have time to make a custom dress for her. It may not have been an outright no, but if she was a sample size she could have easily been dressed and attended the gala.

Even though Ashley is being modest about why she couldn’t attend this isn’t the first time designers couldn’t dress her. For her British Vogue cover some design houses flat out refused to dress her. They would be lucky if someone as beautiful as Ashley was seen in their clothes!

But don’t worry we all know Ashley #slayed the Met Gala 2017 red carpet. She even said that Rihanna came up to her and told her she looked ‘hot as f*ck.’ Ashley wore a custom H&M gown and Rihanna is right, she did look hot as f*ck.

Ashley isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so designers better get their sewing kits out and start dressing her.

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