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Chris Pratt Girlfriends 2017: Who Is Chris Dating Now?


Chris Pratt has recently been deemed a total Hollywood babe. His breakout role was Andy on Parks and Rec. He originally was only supposed to guest star for a few episodes in the first season, but he was so funny that they made his character a regular cast member.

On Parks he was just a goofy, dumb and good-hearted city employee. But then Chris turned from chubby and lovable to ripped and hot.

Chris has become a full fledge Hollywood star. Being the face of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. But who has the star been dating?

Read on for Chris’s full dating history.

Emily VanCamp 2004 – 2006

Chris Pratt Emily VanCamp


The couple dated for almost two and a half years. The two met on the set of Everwood. On the show the two played brother and sister, so fans were shocked when they started dating. Even though it isn’t technically incest it is still a little creepy. They broke up when the series was over. The two went on to both become part of the Marvel superhero world. Chris playing Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy and Emily as Kate/Agent 13 in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Anna Faris 2008 – 2017

Chris Pratt Anna Faris


Chris and Anna Faris met on the Take Me Home Tonight Set. The two dated for about a year before getting married in 2009. The movie that they met on took four years to be released so by the time it came out the two of them were already married. In 2012 they had a son Jack and became parents.

Chris and Anna were always considered #CoupleGoals so when the two announced their separation at the end of summer 2017 people were shocked. They were together for nine years and married for eight.



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