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Jordyn Woods Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Jordyn Worth Right Now?


Jordyn Woods has made quite a name for herself in the modeling industry, but her real fame originated from being the best friend of Kylie Jenner.

Woods has racked up 3.2 million Instagram followers with her positive body image, flaunting her curves in swimwear and lingerie in order to inspire other girls. Her mother, Elizabeth, is popular in Los Angeles and works as a talent/brand manager at Mixed Image Media. She manages her daughter and keeps the family very well-connected.

Jordyn Woods Net Worth 2017: $1 million

Here are a few cool facts about this Hollywood model.

1. She values her health over her weight.


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“Well, I feel like your body type is made for you, and it’s impossible for you to strive to be anything other than yourself,” Woods said. “So, for me, you know, I always knew I’m built very curvy. No matter how much weight I lose, it’s not about my body type, it’s about being healthy.”

2. She models.

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Woods was signed to Wilhemina International Curve as a plus-size model. In an interview with¬†Teen Vogue,¬†Woods stated, “I’ve always known that my purpose is to help as many people as possible, and with modeling I feel like it’s an awesome way to show girls you don’t have to look any particular way. You just have to be confident and own exactly who you are because one of the greatest things we’re given is our individuality- not one person is exactly like you.”

She also commented on being a plus-size model. “For me, it’s awesome because I’m just naturally a super curvy girl and I feel like my body will never be a size 0. There’s so many people out there just like me, and right now the curve industry is just blowing up because people are realizing curve models are cool, and most people are not that skinny.”

3. She’s also great friends with Jaden Smith.

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Woods and Smith have been friends since Jaden was just a few days old. She’s a close friend of the Smith family (she even calls Will Smith her uncle). Woods also is a large contributor to Smith’s charity, JUST Water.

Favorite pastimes include-but are not limited to: binge watching celebrity interviews with Ellen DeGeneres on YouTube, reading cheesy romance novels and looking at the many pictures of photogenic bowls of mac and cheese on Instagram.