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This Girl Shared Her Mom’s Struggle With Snapchat & Every Millennial Can Relate

Ki'Anna Hall Twitter


Parents and technology don’t mix. Their generation can’t keep up with the new apps, how they work, new lingo and anything else tech related.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t try.

Ki’Anna Hall’s mom, Dion Tijani tried her hardest when her daughter asked her to snap a picture of her OOTD.

Ki’Anna’s data was full so she asked her mom to take the picture on Snapchat because then she could back up the photo on the app and post later. To millennials that makes sense, but to the other generations not so much. Even using Snapchat is past their repertoire.

Dion accidentally took a video instead of a photo and Ki’Anna’s reaction is ALL OF US.

“The circle is almost complete,” nearly killed me. The video made Ki’Anna laugh so hard she shared it on Twitter and clearly it’s relatable.

Obviously Ki’Anna isn’t alone in her struggle. People responded with similar videos that were meant to be photos taken by their parents.

Even though this is frustrating, it’s mostly cute as heck. Her mom is so sweet and thinks she’s doing a good job

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