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That Viral Tinder Couple Went On Their First Date In Hawaii & They’ll Probably Never Speak Again


Images Courtesy of Twitter

Sorry, internet, but the Tinder couple who went viral for their hilarious back-and-forth for years is probably not getting married someday.

Josh Avsec and Michelle Arenda, both students at Kent State University, went on their first date in Hawaii after their messaging, which spanned three years of an ongoing joke for why they take so long to respond, took over Twitter. Tinder offered to pay for a vacation to the first date location of their choosing.

The duo met for the first time live on Good Morning America — totally not an awkward start to a potential relationship — and shared that they picked Maui, Hawaii, as their date destination.

Now that they’ve met, fans were holding out hope that romance was flourishing in paradise…but from the sounds of things, they’ve got zero chemistry.

“We are just now sitting down and getting the opportunity to know each other, so there’s probably a lot of learning still left to do,” Michelle told People about their getaway. “But it’s been great to be able to go through this adventure and have a partner to go through all of this with.”

“All the things I knew about Michelle were through an interview or a phone conversation, and this is the first time we have the chance to just hang out and talk,” Josh added. “We’re getting to know each other and it’s very awesome.”

Translation: thanks for the free vacation with a stranger, but this is definitely not going anywhere.

To be fair, first dates are awkward to begin with. Having a first date be as publicized as this whole thing? Crazy terrifying.

They had separate rooms and spent their vacation going on bike rides and having cocktails.

When asked on Good Morning America if there was a second date in store, the two have equally meh answers.

Josh said, “With everything going on, it’s been kind of hard to talk about the little things, like when we do go back, but I’m pretty sure — she’s so much fun, I know once we get back home, we’re gonna wanna meet up again.”

Michelle didn’t sound any more positive. “We don’t have any concrete plans yet, but I’m sure our paths will cross once we get back.”

But hey, 15 minutes of fame and a free vacation can’t be too bad.

    Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.