Bella Thorne Boyfriends & Girlsfriends 2023: Who Is Bella Dating Now?

You might recognize Bella Thorne from the Disney sitcom Shake it Up or maybe even from some of her more recent projects, like starring as Paige in Famous in Love. This American actress and singer is working on a number of projects slated for 2017 and 2018, including You Get MeMidnight Sun and the upcoming horror film Keep Watching.  She has quite a respectable resume, but how familiar are you with her dating history?

With the recent news on her latest squeeze, we decided to give you all a rundown on some of Bella’s dating history.

Kenton Duty 2010

First flings tend to be the shortest and this one was no exception. Shake it Up stars Thorne and Kenton dated for a short two months before this Disney romance ended with a happily-never-after. Bummer.

Tristan Klier 2012 – 2014

Thorne dated Klier for almost three years before things fell apart. Unlike Thorne, Klier wasn’t part of the acting industry, and she later admitted that it formed a huge divide in their relationship. I’m not surprised, considering the crazy work schedules and paparazzi hounds that come with the acting territory.

“It’s also hard for [him] to understand my job,” she told Teen Vogue back in 2015. “He doesn’t get why I have to go to events. Or he’ll say, ‘What do you mean you’re still on set? It’s six o’clock in the morning.'”

As much as fans cheered their relationship on, it wasn’t meant to be. The couple broke up in August 2014. The ship has sailed and it’s never coming back.

Brandon Lee 2015

Following her breakup with Klier, it looks like Thorne set her eyes on Brandon Lee for her next love interest. This time she wanted someone who could be more understanding about her hectic work schedule as an actress and who could handle the paparazzi.

“It definitely freaks some people out,” she told E! Online. “I was telling somebody, ‘I can change, I can be more understanding. I can do this differently, I can do that differently. I can bend with you, but I can’t change that part of my life.’ If I could control it, don’t you think I would be doing that by now? So people that date me have to understand that, yeah, they’re gonna get photos out with me. It sucks, but what are you going to do?”

After her interview, Thorne and Lee were caught on dates and sharing the occasional sunset together.

Gregg Sulkin 2015 – 2016

At the age of 17, Bella began dating 24-year-old British actor Gregg Sulkin. You might recognize him from Faking It, but if not then you might recall the media buzz around this couple. Many fans were a bit put-off by the huge age gap between them. Unfortunately, the couple broke up after a year of dating.

Tyler Posey 2016

Here’s where things get a little awkward. Posey, known for his work on Teen Wolf, was known to be friends with Sulkin and even denied dating his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the two were caught kissing shortly after Sulkin and Thorne’s break up. Since then, Posey has become a familiar face on the actress’ Snapchat.

Needless to say, Sulkin was not impressed. The Bro Code has been Bro-ken. I’m sorry, I had to.

Scott Disick 2017

There’s been a lot of talk about what exactly her relationship with Disick was. According to Thorne, she insists that the two are strictly friends. During an interview on Sirius XM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show, she claimed that “I was never with him sexually. I’ve never seen Keeping Up With The Kardashians… I don’t follow up with any of that.

The two were occasionally seen together hanging out and having fun, but it’s hard to tell if it’s completely platonic or flirting at this point.

Matthew “Blackbear” Musto 2017

After the media storm with Scott Disick, it looks like Thorne is setting her sights on someone else. Matthew Musto, also known as Blackbear, is a rapper who’s becoming a familiar face in her photos. In fact, Thorne captioned one of their recent photos together “Bsquared.” Well, at least it sounds better than BellaBear or BlackThorne… Actually, that last one sounds like my next mixtape.

The two aren’t keeping their romance on the down low, either. According to Hollywood Life, Thorne reportedly received an intimate massage from her “baby.” She didn’t tell us exactly who it was on her Snapchat, but fans can venture a guess based on how close she’s been getting to Blackbear. Thorne is definitely keeping busy in 2017, but hey. You do you, girl.

Tana Mongeau 2017-2018

Thorne and YouTuber Tana Mongeau officially started dating in September 2017. They met at the Life Is Beautiful music festival that year and they became fast friends and then partners.

On their one year anniversary, Mongeau shared an image of her and Thorne on her Instagram.

“A year ago this weekend, I met a girl at a music festival who I had no idea would change my life forever,” Mongeau wrote about Thorne. “It’s so crazy to me how fast a year can fly by when you’re surrounded by love you never thought was possible. What started with a viral kissing pic turned to you being the love of my life…”

Thorne continued to date Mod Sun during her relationship with Mongeau because her and Mod are in an open relationship. Mongeau dated Instagram star Brad Sousa during their open relationship.

On February 26 Thorne and Mongeau revealed that they broke up.

“Tana and I aren’t together anymore, pls stop asking. We love U guys,” Thorne tweeted.

“i love her forever don’t get that twisted. she changed my life forever. don’t rly wanna talk on it.. there’s no negativity at all,” Mongeau shared.

Mod Sun 2017-Present

Thorne is currently dating the Minnesota rapper Mod Sun and social media is updated on their relationship through the posts from their account. Mod Sun, whose real name is Derek Smith, and Thorne are in an open relationship.


After a little over a year of dating, Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau have broken up; Bella confirmed the news.