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21 Hilarious Tweets About Breakups That Will Make You Happy To Be Single


The Bachelorette

Breakups are hard, there is no way to get around it. Everyone copes with a broken heart differently, but laughter has to help. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

Even if you were the dumper and not the dumpee breakups are not easy. As for the dumpees, I’m really sorry. Hopefully you weren’t blindsided. Either way it isn’t fun for ANYONE involved.

But no matter how you ended up single all breakup tweets are hilarious. Breakup tweets are even hilarious to perpetually single people who can’t understand someone putting themselves out there.


So dry those eyes sweetie and keep scrolling so you can laugh your way to a mended heart.

It was an accident!

Make sure to hit that like button.

It’s extra funny because her name is Andy.


Bless phones for making it always look like we are busier than we actually are.

Oh, young love.

This person is a savage.

I’m crying from laughter!

Can you even imagine texting your ex and asking this?


I’m out here eating good post breakup without a care in the world.

It’s mostly the latter though.

The post breakup glow is real.

“Is that Blue in the background?”

This is shady and I support it.

Hey at least you’d have some cake to eat.

Another one.

If they don’t think I’m the best they’ll ever have then they’re DEAD wrong.

We used to be in love, but now you’re just a security question answer.

Having a great time is the best revenge.

All my exes are going to hell, meanwhile I’ll be wearing a halo.

I hope this cured your broken heart.

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