Everything You Need To Know About Sarahah

Every once in awhile apps become popular for an inexplicable reason. Recently the app Sarahah has been the hottest thing to download. It is currently the #1 downloaded free app in 30 countries including the United States. But what is Sarahah?

The app is an anonymous messaging app. This isn’t the first anon messaging app. They usually are very dark because people love subjecting themselves to hate. But that isn’t how Sarahah is marketed. In it’s app description it says the app will help you find out your “strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.”



But why is this anonymous messaging app blowing up? Why don’t we just stick with Ask.fm or Yik Yak? Well with Sarahah users can share their profile link on Snapchat.  Snapchat is huge with younger demographics and this app caters right to them.

Once you download the app you register as a new user, it brings you to the homepage. There are four different tabs at the bottom on the app. The first being messages. This page shows messages that are sent to you. Within this page you can toggle back and forth between messages, favorite messages and messages sent. Messages that are sent to you can only be made public if you share them.



Messages that you send and are sent to you are all anonymous. Unless that user discloses their identity within the message. As of right now users can not reply to messages they can only flag, dislike or favorite messages.

The second tab is an explore page where you can look up other users and find friends on the app. The third tab is a discover page that is still in the works. When you click on that tab it says “Wait for us 🙂 We are preparing a new feature…”

The final tab is your profile. Your profile shows your Sarahah handle and profile picture. It is also there that you can share your profile’s link to all of your social posts. When on your profile you can access your settings by clicking on the wheel icon in the top right corner.


ScreenshotSettings is where you can edit your profiles public settings. You can make your profile public, searchable or make it so only other registered Sarahah users can send you messages. This is important because it lets you control who has access to your messages.

A lot of websites are warning minors against downloading the app because it could easily incite cyber bullying.

If you’re into anon messaging and being subjected to criticism then this is the app for you. Otherwise I would just stay away.


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