This Dad Does His Daughter’s Hair Every Day & The Styles Are Beautiful

I can recall my childhood days when my dad tried to put my hair in a ponytail and it always turned out to be a knotty mess. I’m sure a lot of dad’s don’t even want to attempt doing their daughters hair as a kid, because they know they’ll just mess it up.

However, this dad know exactly what he’s doing and he’s seriously killing his daughter’s hair game.

Six-year-old Asia’s dad, Mike has been doing her hair from day one and his skills are definitely on a different level – pro-hairstylist level.

Recently, a video from Redbook Magazine shows single father Mike and his daughter literally doing everything together. From shopping to playing dress up and doing her hair, the two are inseparable.

“Fathers set the tone in a girl’s life and there’s no greater bond,” Mike says in the video.

According to Redbook, Mike learned the different hairstyles from YouTube tutorials and he now knows how to master braids, buns and other styles. The two of them also have Instagram accounts with over 860,000 followers where they share adorable father-daughter photo and even hair tutorials Mike does on Asia.

Just last week Mike posted a photo on Instagram of his daughter with a cute high bun that’s shaped as a bow. His followers were going crazy over the hairstyle.

View this post on Instagram As requested from @asialovesdaddy 🎀 A post shared by Worthington’s ❤️ (@icemikeloveasia) on Aug 4, 2017 at 9:06am PDT

For someone who’s a single father and slay’s his daughter’s hair game is seriously a true hero.

Check out more from Mike and Asia on their Instagram.