10 Makeup Artists To Follow On Instagram For The Best Beauty Inspiration











Watching makeup videos is weirdly soothing. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to watching makeup videos. YouTube is great if you love longer tutorials and makeup haul videos. Instagram is great for shorter tutorial videos and wacky makeup products. Sometimes you don’t have time to sit through 13 YouTube videos that are each over ten minutes long. You have things to do!

These makeup artists are the best to follow on Instagram. This list has everything from famous YouTubers to celebrity makeup artists. Keep scrolling and click that follow button to beautify your Instagram timeline.

Huda Kattan



Huda Kattan invented being an Instagram beauty influencer. She is the most followed beauty influencer with a whopping 21 million followers. If you’re going to follow anyone from this list make sure it’s Huda. Her feed is a combination of makeup looks, swatches from her own makeup line Huda Beauty and viral reposted makeup videos. She truly does it all.

Mario Dedivanovic



Mario Dedivanovic is famously known as Kim Kardashian’s go to makeup artist. The man behind the perfectly contoured face. His cliental list is pretty impressive. Besides doing the Kardashians makeup he also does Jenna Dewan Tatum, Suki Waterhouse, Shay Mitchell and Gabriella Union. If you follow him expect a lot of behind the scene pictures of Kim in the makeup chair, personal photos and hilarious makeup memes. Now if only he’ll post a tutorial video from one of his Master Classes with Kim.

Nikkie Tutorials



Nikkie knows how to beat a face. I have never seen a highlighter glow as much as her’s. Her makeup looks are truly the best. She applies her makeup with such precision it’s inspiring and mesmerizing. Her Instagram is mostly photos of her daily makeup, which is far from casual. She’ll occasionally post videos that are shorter versions of her recent YouTube tutorial. You won’t regret following her.

Jackie Aina



Jackie Aina is expanding her makeup influencer status to outside of Instagram. She penned a deal with Too Faced makeup to help expand their Born This Way foundation line. This is a huge business move for Jackie and no one deserves it more than her! Just a look at her Instagram and you’ll understand why Too Faced is working with her. Jackie’s Instagram showcases her life and makeup in a grid that will make you jealous. Oh, this is also the makeup artist who Kim Kardashian didn’t tag on Instagram that caused some drama. Don’t worry though the two are all good now.

Ariel Tejada



Following in Kim’s footsteps Kylie Jenner has a go-to makeup artist that has been loyal to her from the start. Ariel Tejada even has the same Instagram handle as Mario. There is no denying that Ariel knows how to beat a face. Kylie is a makeup business women so her makeup always has to look 100% and it does. He also does makeup for other Kardashian-Jenner’s like Kourtney, Kendall and Kim. He’s also featured in Kylie’s new reality docu-series because he’s that much in her squad. His timeline is mostly photos of Kylie with the occasional selfie and photos of other clients.

Desi Perkins



Desi Perkins’ Instagram is like if an Instagram model and a beauty influencer had a baby. Prepared to be jealous but also obsessed with her feed. There’s a lot of sponsored content on her page, but that is a standard when you’re making your money from social media posts. She rarely posts makeup tutorial videos, you have to go to her YouTube for that. Expect posts of her wtih flawless makeup living a better life than you.

Bretman Rock



If you’re looking for a makeup influencer that has personality then you have to follow Bretman Rock. You should just follow him on every social platform because that is how funny he is. His videos are hilarious, addictive and serve up some hot looks. He truly does it all. His Instagram is mostly videos. Be prepared to be shook because Bretman is the definition of extra.

Carli Bybel



Carli Bybel’s Instagram is full of perfectly lighted photos of her showcasing her makeup and wardrobe. The beauty mogul has been expanding her influencer platform to include fashion. But her makeup looks will always be a staple. Her looks are mostly a perfectly contoured face, huge lashes and a colorful pout. Her makeup room alone will make you jealous.




Prepare to be inspired when scrolling through Alina’s Instagram. Her makeup is colorful and beautifully blended. She combines crazy eyeshadow colors and someone makes it look amazing. Her feed will convince you to start putting highlighter in the corners of your eyes. Her feed is addicting.

Patrick Starrr



Patrick Starrr’s makeup motto is “Makeup is a one size fits all” and he sticks to it. Patrick is known for his signature hair wrap and perfectly blended contour. His Instagram is a combination of his makeup looks, makeup videos and personal photos.

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