Celebrate National Prosecco Day With A Bottle & Some Hilarious Memes

In case you haven’t heard, it’s National Prosecco Day!

As an international holiday, it’s incredibly important you pop open a bottle of this Italian bubbly in order to celebrate. Prosecco has been there for us through it all, from the harsh breakups to the much-needed Tuesday night pick-me-up and Friday night dinner parties with our closest friends, so it’s only fair we take a day to honor our one true companion.

There are so many reasons to uncork a bottle today aside from the fact it’s a holiday. Prosecco actually contains fewer calories than wine. A glass of red racks in about 125 calories while a glass of sparkling only contains about 90. Plus sparkling has various health benefits including helping with heart circulation and keeping your mind sharp.

But an interesting fact about Prosecco is that it’s considered wine and not champagne, despite the bubbles. Actually, if bubbles aren’t your aesthetic, you can buy Prosecco sans bubbles! It’s called “tranquillo” meaning “still” and it was actually the way people originally drank the bubbly wine. Prosecco even outsold champagne by a few million bottles over the past couple of years, earning it’s title as an “everyday” sparkling wine.

If all that wasn’t enough inspiration to buy a bottle today, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most hilarious memes, gifs, and tweets in order to get you in the Prosecco drinking mood. Raise your glass to these!


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