You Can Now Tour Kendall Jenner’s Closets Thanks To Technology

We can all take a tour of Kendall Jenner’s closets without even moving or meeting her.┬áIsn’t technology amazing?

The model typical teamed up with major fashion publication, Vogue to show off her closet. But what’s amazing about this video is that it was filmed in 360 degree so you can literally see ALL of Kendall’s amazing clothes.

Kendall Jenner

That’s right plural. Kendall has multiple closets. Her first closet is just a regular everyday stuff. In this closet Kendall shows us her favorite heels that Kanye made for her, a thrifted Birkin that is perfect for the airport and some Christmas Day pajama onesies.

She also tells a juicy story about how she tried to steal a pair of Marc Jacobs jeans from a Vogue shoot. Kendall ultimately failed, but the brand heard how much she loved the pants and sent her a pair. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Then she moved into her fitting room/closet. The room is lined with racks of clothes, massive mirror and a large mood board. Kendall stomps around in some thigh highs while showing off a Louis Vuitton fanny pack.

The best part of the video is when she pulls out her Versace gown from last years Met Gala and her 21st birthday dress. Kendall also finally talks about how her 21st birthday dress was a copy of Paris Hilton’s. The story is so good.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall said her dream closet would be one large room, half every day clothes and the other half fun, with a bar inside so her friends and her can sip champagne while getting ready.

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