Dylan Sprouse Girlfriends 2021: Who Is Dylan Dating Now?

While Dylan Sprouse’s brother Cole has been getting the sex symbol crown these days with those black locks and Southside Serpents leather jacket there was a time not too long ago where the boys were on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and there was no doubt about the fact that Dylan was the heartthrob.

Sprouse has been on TV since he was three, so it is no surprise that he gotten his fair share of ladies over the years.

Let’s take a look at all the ladies who have dated our favorite Disney crush.

Miley Cyrus 2007


This isn’t too surprising considering the two were both massive stars on Disney Channel.

Sprouse, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, confirmed that he and Cyrus dated for one single day in 2007. “We met on her set, I believe, and we dated. And then Nick Jonas walked by and it was over.”

Ah, young love.

Becky Rosso 2007


These twins appeared on The Suite Life on Deck and Dylan was actually allegedly dating BOTH of them. What a young player, that’s just classic.

While he was linked to both, he apparently dated only Becky after her appearance on the show.

Daveigh Chase 2008


Chase played the voice of Lilo in the Lilo and Stich: The Series so Dylan really kept it in the Disney family.

The two apparently had more of a fling and then a relationship and were spotted together out a couple times but then it seems like the relationship just fizzled out.

Danielle Glasscock 2010


Glasscock is Victoria Justice’s best friend and she was identified as the “mystery girl” in a couple of blurry pictures of Dylan on a date back in 2010. They apparently seemed very cute together and fed each other french fries (true love!!) but were never spotted together again after that. Either they kept it on the DL or it was just a first date that didn’t go too well.

Kara Crane 2010


This was Dylan’s first long term relationship — Crane and Sprouse dated for eight months after she guest starred on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. It apparently fizzled out from there.

Crane is now married so she apparently wasn’t too heartbroken over her short-term relationship with Sprouse.

Brenda Song 2010


Who says you can’t mix work and play?

While Song and Sprouse were co stars on The Suite Life they were spotted walking arm in arm around Vancouver. One time fling or secret relationship? I guess we will never know.

Dayna Frazer 2013- 2017


Frazer and Sprouse met at NYU and dated up until recently when cheating rumors began to swirl. Dayna posted an Instagram story earlier this month of a close-up shot of her face with tears and the caption “when you find out your boyfriend cheated on you lol.”

Dylan took to Twitter to defend himself.

Looks like Sprouse is single, so make a single file line ladies and fulfill your childhood wish of dating our favorite, blonde bad boy Disney star.

Barbara Palvin 2018-Present


Dylan started dating Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin in 2018. After the two were official they wasted no time posting photos of each other on Instagram. He went to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to support Barbara and brought her food tot he after party.

Now the two have moved in together in New York City. Looks like they’re still going strong.

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