Taylor Swift’s Social Media Is Hacked

Taylor Swift‘s social media has seen better days.

The singers Twitter account has been allegedly been hacked. Her profile image and header image have been removed. She has also unfollowed everyone. Her most recent tweet shown is from May 22 about the Manchester Bombing at Ariana Grande‘s concert.

taylor swift

Screenshot of Taylor Swift’s Twitter

Taylor’s Instagram has also been attacked. Her Instagram profile photo is gone and she has unfollowed everyone and all of her posts have been deleted.

Screenshot Taylor Swift’s Instagram


As well as her Twitter and Instagram, Taylor’s Tumblr has also been totally wiped clean. Β Her official website has also been scrubbed clean. It only shows a black page and that’s it.

This mass social media cleansing seems too strange for it be done by the singer.

Her fans think otherwise. They think Taylor is preparing her social media for her next album drop and wants it to be epic. They also noted that three years ago today her hit single from 1989 “Shake It Off” was released. Coincidence? Her fans don’t think so.


This alleged hack is happening after Taylor won her sexual assault case against Denver radio DJ David Mueller. She was awarded one dollar and the jury found David guilt of battery and sexual assault. Since the trial Taylor has donated money to organizations that help sexual assault victims with legal fees.

This is a developing story and it is being continuously updated.

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