This Singer Stopped His Concert To Call Out A Sexual Assault In The Audience

It is rare to see someone intervene to stop a sexual assault, and even rarer still to see someone call a perpetrator out after the fact. However, this is exactly what happened at a music festival this weekend.

Sam Carter, frontman of the band Architects, stopped his concert at the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands between songs to address something he saw in the audience that he wasn’t okay with.

“I’ve been going over in my f-king mind about whether I should say something or not about what I saw in that last song,” he told the audience, “and do you know what, I’m gonna f-king say it.”

The singer went on to say that he witnessed a woman crowdsurfing, and a man groping her while she did so. While he refused to point out the perpetrator, Carter was disgusted.

“It is not your f-king body,” he declared. “You do not f-king grab at someone. Not at my f-king show. So if you feel like doing that again, walk out there and…don’t come back.”

He then encouraged his audience to keep the concert a “safe place” for everyone, to riotous cheers and applause.

Fans of the band are applauding them on social media for calling out a problem that is so deeply ingrained in the music industry, and some sexual assault survivors are thanking Carter for his words.

Carter’s expletive-filled speech was entirely warranted. Crowd-surfing or not, no one deserves to be touched without their permission, in any context.

Watch the full video, captured by fans, below.

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