A 7-Year-Old Girl May Be Permanently Scarred After Getting A Henna Tattoo On Vacation


Warning: Some people may find the images in this post disturbing.

We all think of henna tattoos as fun body art for those of us who aren’t ready to commit to real ink. However, “black” henna dye is totally dangerous — as a 7-year-old girl unfortunately learned recently.

Madison Gulliver, 7, was on vacation with her family in Egypt when she had a henna tattoo at their hotel’s spa.


The design seemed to be fine at first, but things took a turn when the familly returned home to the UK. Madison’s skin started to blister.

“We noticed there was a small patch on the top of the tattoo that was raised but we couldn’t see any redness,” Madison’s father, Martin, told Metro. “The next morning the whole tattoo was starting to get itchy, so we washed it off which revealed a rash in the outline of the tattoo.”

When ointments didn’t work, Madison had to visit burn specialists who revealed the liquid in the blisters showed an unusually high pH level, meaning she was suffering from chemical burns.

“They thought they would be able to soak the blisters and rub them off,” Martin explained, “but that wasn’t possible as they were so thick, so they had to cut them off.”

SWNS/Metro SWNS/Metro

Madison will have to wear a compression bandage on her arm for at least six months.

“We don’t want compensation,” Martin said. “The main thing is to care for Madison and minimize the scarring because we don’t want her growing up with a scar for the rest of her life.”

Lesson learned: don’t mess with black henna ink and avoid it completely when traveling abroad, as countries have different regulations.

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