The Total Solar Eclipse Is Today And It’s Bringing Out The Best Memes

If you haven’t been on social media, talked to anyone this past week or watched any news then you are probably unaware that today is America’s first total solar eclipse of the century.

A total solar eclipse means the sun will be completely blocked out by the moon. The last time this happened in America was in 1979 and it only covered the Pacific Northwest.

But today’s total solar eclipse can be seen from coast to coast.

The sun’s path goes right through America from Oregon to South Carolina. Depending on where you are in the country it won’t be a perfect total solar eclipse, but still worth viewing. You’ll need special eclipse glasses to see the sun or else you’ll damage your retina.

When should you look for the #eclipse2017 today? Click your location on our interactive map to find out:

— NASA (@NASA) August 21, 2017

If this is your first time reading about the crazy natural phenomenon happening today then it’s probably too late for you to make any arrangements to view the moon blocking out the sun completely or purchasing some eclipse glasses. Seriously towns that fall in the 100% total solar eclipse path are packed and eclipse glasses are sold out.

Americans are very hyped to see the total solar eclipse. They have been tweeting up a storm and I don’t know if it’s because of the eclipse, but the memes are better than usual.

If you didn’t prep for the eclipse you can read some dank memes about it while everyone is starring off into the sun.

This is the best #Eclipse gif out there

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) August 21, 2017

whats your favorite eclipse here's mine

— Whitney Medworth (@its_whitney) August 21, 2017

the solar eclipse

— negro swan (@imnicmr) August 19, 2017

the moon and the sun during the solar eclipse

— evan 🙂 (@beyonseh) August 21, 2017

the sun today:

— mary sissyswitchmas🎄 (@missunitedface) August 21, 2017

Dear @NASA, how long do I have to stare at the eclipse today to get special powers? Is 60 seconds long enough?

— Riot Fest (@RiotFest) August 21, 2017

everyone says not to look at the sun tomorrow and I'm kinda freaking bc now that's all I'm thinking about and it's obviously going to happen

— Katy Stoll (@katystoll) August 21, 2017

Are eclipse glasses the 3D movie glasses

— Trill Withers (@TylerIAm) August 21, 2017

Not to spoil the eclipse for y'all but Bella chooses Edward lol

— val 🙂 (@ziamalso) August 20, 2017

How everyone's going to look tomorrow #solareclipseglasses #SolarEclipse #Eclipse

— Derek Meredith (@superderek) August 20, 2017

happy #eclipse everyone good luck attacking the Fire Nation while they're vulnerable!

— JuanPa (@jpbrammer) August 21, 2017

if the earth is blacking out at 1 on monday so am i

— madss (@maddawggg21) August 19, 2017

maybe the eclipse should be careful of looking at me

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) August 21, 2017

got my gear for the eclipse today!

— whos chaos (@WhosChaos) August 21, 2017

How ima be looking at the solar eclipse cause i don't care about life

— ya boi spongebob (@CavemanReacts) August 21, 2017

If you managed to finesse some last minute eclipse glasses get your butt outside and enjoy nature in all of it’s glory!

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