A Manicurist Discovered The Deadliest Form Of Skin Cancer On Her Client’s Thumb Nail


Skin cancer comes in many forms and sometimes it’s difficult to point them out. Either a birthmark or a spot on your skin can be skin cancer without us even knowing it. However, this heroic manicurist discovered one of the deadliest forms on her client’s finger nail.

Reported by The Sun, beauty salon worker Jean Skinner noticed a dark vertical line running down the center of her client’s thumb nail. According to Skinner’s Facebook post, her client asked for a dark nail polish that would cover up the annoying line on her thumb nail. Other salons have told the woman that there was nothing to worry about, assuming the dark line was from lack of calcium or a harmless blood blister. Unlike those other manicurists, Skinner spotted the dark line to be potential melanoma — the deadliest form of skin cancer.


This type of melanoma is rare, but it can happen, according to the Melanoma Research Foundation. It’s noted as subungal melanoma, the cancerous streaks are a type of Acral Lentiginous Melanoma (ALM). “ALM is often overlooked or mistaken, because it tends to appear like a dark spot, bruise or streak under the fingernail or toenail in its early stages,” according to the website. The dark streaks mainly appear on thumb nails and even the big toe nails.

The streaks can also appear on palms and the soles of your feet where it can “look like a bruise or an irregular tan, brown or black spot,” according to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

Unfortunately, Skinner was right about the skin cancer on her client’s thumb nail. According to her Facebook post, the woman called to tell the salon worker that she was right and the line on her thumb nail was an aggressive melanoma that has already spread to her lymph nodes.

For the future, keep an eye out for any discolorations on your nails and even skin. And if you happen to see one, quickly go to a dermatologist.

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