This Anti-Trump Lipstick Is Raising Money For Charlottesville Victims

This beauty brand is putting their money where their mouth is, literally.

Lipslut is a socially conscious makeup brand. They only sell one thing and it’s a matte liquid lipstick ins the shade “F**k Trump.”

The mauve pink matte shade seems to flatter every skin tone, which is a good thing considering it’s their only product.

Lipslut was created by California college students to raise money for women’s charities and organizations. Every time you purchase a “F**k Trump” lipstick you get to vote for which charity you’d like your money to be donated to.

Typically there are donations options in a drop down box and a write in section as well. Usually 50% of your purchase is donated, which is roughly $10 per purchase.

But in light of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina Lipslut decided that 100% of the August purchases will be donated to support the victims of Charlottesville.

So far Lipslut has raised over $40,000 that will be donated to victims medical bills and local chapters of Black Lives Matter and the NAACP.

Lipslut’s donations and socially conscious message have not gone unnoticed by Trump haters and Trump supporters. The infamous alt-right news site Breitbart even wrote about them and they are honored.

Right now “F**k Trump” is the only product available but they are working on expanding into different shades and finishes as well. They posted a photo about lipgloss prototypes.

I wonder what the gloss’ name is going to be. “F**k Pence” or “F**k Bannon” are my favorites right now.

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