Move Over, Ghosting: There Is A New Dating Term & It’s Called Stashing

Ghosting is a thing of the past.

Just kidding, unfortunately it’s still happening, but there is a new online dating term that is taking ghosting’s spotlight. It’s called stashing.

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Stashing is in some cases worst than ghosting. Stashing means when the person you’re dating doesn’t introduce you to their friends, family, siblings or anyone in their life.

The only people you know from their personal life is maybe their roommates when you tiptoe out of their apartment.

Your partner is literally hiding away, stashing you away, from anyone from their personal life.

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It’s an ice cold move.

Stashing just doesn’t mean they refuse to introduce you to their parents. According to Metro UK‘s Ellen Scott, who coined the term, said that stashing can be done online as well.

If the stasher doesn’t post about you, tags you in photos or follows you back, well then you’re probably getting stashed. Especially if you’re uploading photos of you two saying how amazing your date was and tagging them in the photo and caption. Meanwhile he has never tagged you in a photo, let alone post a photo of you two together.


Stasher’s are keeping you separate from their real lives because they aren’t taking the relationship seriously.

If you are always inviting them over to hang with your friends and they aren’t reciprocating, cut your loses. Sorry sweetie, but you’re being stashed.

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