Amy Schumer Is Asking Netflix For A Bigger Pay Day & People Are Not Pleased

Amy Schumer is not happy with Netflix.

The comedian learned how much Netflix paid Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle for their stand-up specials and she demanded more money.

Turns out the two male comedians were racking in $20 million per special. Meanwhile Amy only cashed a check for $11 million for her special “The Leather Special.”

When Amy asked Netflix for equal pay and compensation they obliged and paid her more. Variety reported that they aren’t sure if they leveled the playing field and paid her $9 million, but she definitely got more money after she asked.

People are not happy with Amy demanding equal pay. They think that Amy hasn’t reached the iconic comedian level as Dave and Chris. They also think her special wasn’t as good as theirs and didn’t get as many streams.

Unfortunately Netflix doesn’t release their streaming numbers, but people are certain it didn’t perform as well. Despite Amy being widely popular at the time of her Netflix special some people think she deserved lower pay.

The critics were harsh over her want of equal pay.

Yes, equal pay should be mandatory, but do you think Amy deserved it? Is she on the same level of icon as Chris and Dave?

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