Here’s Your Back To School Horoscope For Fall 2017

A new semester means a new start. As your school year begins, you’re probably feeling a whole new range of emotions. Maybe you’re super excited or just plain nervous. Either way, your zodiac sign might tell you a lot about how this school year could go, which can calm your nerves or increase your excitement.

How will your sign fare in school, friendships, clubs and love? It just might be written in the stars… unlike that summer reading paper you’ve been meaning to start.

Find your sign and see your horoscope for heading back to school in fall 2017.


You’ve spent the month of August sort of in denial about the arrival of the new semester, but luckily, you know you’ll pull it together like you always do. Despite being a bit spacey and detached, you’re also resourceful and inventive. You haven’t even checked out the syllabi for your upcoming classes, but you’ll somehow find a way to show up, make a friend in the class and even pass the first pop quiz. Don’t get in over your head with the procrastinating this semester.


Pisces are kind to a fault and tend to idealize beyond the usual “glass half full” mentality. Your summer has been spent with friends, new and old, and now you’re so excited to meet even more people and build new connections with unfamiliar professors. Just don’t neglect yourself or your new semester’s worth of schoolwork amidst tutoring other people, joining new clubs and/or service organizations and of course, going out. You have to look out for you, too.


As a typical Aries, you’ve probably already chosen which clubs you’ll be taking over, not to mention how your squad will be spending just about every big school holiday (welcome weekend, Labor Day, Halloween, etc). That said, first impressions matter. Try your best not to come on too strong when it comes to shaking your new professors’ hands and heading to their office hours, as well as when you’re pointing out your own revolutionary ideas to club/student org presidents and leaders.


You most likely spent the last month of summer stubbornly sticking to your routine, so you’re going to need to adjust to the new flow of the school year. Maybe you’re prepared to wake up early or work in necessary study time, but if you’re the typical Taurus, your day is booked. Use your sense of determination to try new things as opposed to getting caught up in the same old. You can use your traits to make a big difference in some otherwise unexplored territory.


Yes, school is officially back in session. You’re a wave of different emotions, but either way, you’re just excited to be back with your friends and to catch up on all of the hot summer gossip. Getting back into the swing of things is no big deal for you because you’re adaptable, but you’re also going to be a little nervous and tense when it comes to making the grades, getting to work on time, keeping up with clubs and taking the time to hang out with friends. Use your planner!


Oh, Cancer. You’re so sad to say goodbye to your fam and friends from home, but luckily your school friends and your favorite classes are there to get you through. Don’t be upset if a friend is too swamped with schoolwork to hang or a professor doesn’t quite remember your name from last year. Use your kindness and warmth to your advantage and start networking, building new connections in clubs and meeting new friends in your dorm or neighborhood. Hell, maybe even try hosting a little reunion celebration.


While everyone was basically dragging their feet at the end of the summer, you were ready to hit your school’s welcome weekend with a six-pack for your #squad, a syllabus that you’ve at least skimmed once or twice and a dorm room full of your signature essentials. You’re ready to extend your fierceness across every single arena of the school year, but you also have to keep in mind that not everyone else is in the same headspace. Try not to be a little too bossy when advising your friends on their own semester or heading to clubs with slightly less organized leaders.


If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: chill out. A new year means new worries and you’ve already started to study or stress about the upcoming quizzes, readings and papers. This semester, make sure you give yourself a second to let loose. Your friends are used to your perfectionist and self-critical tendencies, so maybe surprise them by planning a fun activity or treat yourself by joining a club that you’ve been hoping to try since your very first year. Just breathe, you’ve got this!


An average Libra has already made sure to text their friends the party invite and is also going to get their Insta and Snapchat followers ready for the many stories to come. You can’t wait to hang out and make new memories with friends and classmates. You’re also probably hoping to meet someone new, whether it’s for a fall fling or a long-term relationship. Don’t get so busy swiping on Tinder/Bumble and blowing up your group message that you skip out on the schoolwork, that is why you’re here after all.


For a Scorpio, a new semester isn’t so much about the whole school/professors/clubs thing, it’s about the starting over with fresh meat kinda vibe. You know that all of the surprise hotties come out of the woodwork with a new school year, so you’ve gathered your friends in the dining hall/campus green/any party you can find and you are on the lookout.  You’ve dotted your Is and crossed your Ts when it comes to your schoolyear goals, but with those irrelevant schedule-fillers, you’re willing to slide by. Try focusing more. If you put your mind to it, you always get what you want.


Summer is YOUR season. You love the freedom of it, being able to go on road trips, sleep in and do whatever you want. The school year isn’t exactly your prime time, but you are happy to charm some professors into letting you arrive late to class and slide out of a few assignments. You’re also excited for discussion courses and a few of the more fun classes, but it’s going to be a wonder if you can drag yourself out of bed for that 8:00 A.M. Keep your motivation mind!


For you, fall semester is actually pretty comforting. You love the structure of a schedule and you’re ambitious in reaching your goals, whether that means a certain GPA or a position in a club/organization. You’re the definition of “eye on the prize.” You love seeing your friends, but you tend to flourish at the pregame and then stick to your group at the party. Do yourself a favor and branch out a little bit and exit your comfort zone. If you get to know someone new, you’ll be rewarded.

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