A Plus-Size Pin Up Calendar Exists & It’s Straight Fire









Typical pin up calendars are filled with stick thin models who are dressed overly sexy. There is a lack of diversity when it comes to body types in typical editorial calendars.

But plus-size style blogger Brianna McDonnell, who runs the blog The B Word, just dropped a pin-up calendar that is filled with only plus-size women and the outcome is HOT.


The editorial pin-up calendar is called #BeInYourSkin and it is not for the faint heart. The calendar shows plus-size women as sexy and attractive, which is typically not seen in the media and magazines.


Brianna emailed Mic and said that her passion for editorial and self-love is what inspired the calendar. “The idea…came organically. Putting my love of fashion editorials, with my love of empowering and inspiring body confidence in women into one, affordable, tangible project for my following was the inevitable next step for #BeInYourSkin.”

#BeInYourSkin calendar showcases 25 plus-size women in sexy shots that are perfect for each month. There are also monthly inspirational quotes.


She didn’t want the calendar to be cheesy or overtly sexy. The shots turned out amazing to put it simply. They are artful, creative, sensual and super empowering.

“I wanted to created something for plus-size women, where they could see themselves in the images.” Brianna said. “If they could see themselves in one of us, they too can be as strong, powerful and glamorous. It is about representation.”


Well mission accomplished, because we feel unstoppable after viewing the photos.

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