The Distracted Guy Meme Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Some memes are just a blips in our ever evolving internet world while others stick around for longer than a week and become classics. The distracted guy meme is one of them.

The distracted guy meme is based on a Shutterstock of image of a guy staring at a random girl while out with his girlfriend. According knoyourmeme, the best meme chronicling site, the photo was first used MONTHS ago in February.

Then the photo wasn’t used for months and here we are in distracted guy meme heaven. The meme started to build again on Reddit and it made it’s way over to Twitter, like all good memes do.

Some of the tweets are so accurate it hurts. Everyone is a culprit for ignoring what you have for something else. Most of the time it’s a bad decision, which is what makes this meme so funny.

You know a meme has reach icon status when older iconic memes are incorporated into it. Like this one about cracking open a cold one with the boys.

Since the meme has skyrockets people have been replacing the faces of the guy and girls with famous TV characters. The meme has reached meta levels that no one was prepared for.

Turns out there is a WHOLE series of photos of the distracted boyfriend.

He really needs to check his wandering eye. But at least we got a hilarious meme out of his pending infidelity.

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This Facebook Page Dedicated To Instagram Boyfriends Is Hilarious
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