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Taylor Swift’s Dark Style Transformation Has Become A Hilarious Meme


Taylor Swift‘s new single “Reputation” has spawned a variety of reactions online. While some Swifties are obsessed with the singer’s new sound, others are accusing the pop star of copying Beyoncé or of retreating to play the role of the victim yet again.

One of the more innocuous responses to the New Taylor Swift™ (as we must henceforth call her because the Old Taylor Swift™ is, as she says, dead) has been a masterful good-girl-gone-bad meme. Twitter is responding to Swift’s dark and twisty new ~lewk~ and sound, comparing her to everyone from Gossip Girl‘s infamous Little J (post-discovering eyeliner) to various members of the Slytherin house. While some of the memes are more positive than others, they all represent a physical and spiritual change to shed the rules and embrace darkness à la Death Cab for Cutie.

Some went straight for the Tom Riddle devolution.

Others used Taylor’s own videos to symbolize the transformation.

People began wondering if they should call her Little Tay.

Robin Sparkles memes were born.

Classics like Star Wars and Grease were channeled.

Someone compared the pop star to Quinn from Glee.

Whether Tay is now Olive strutting through the halls in an embellished “A” in Easy A or Sandy playing the role of a bad-ass to conform to who she thinks people want her to be, people have opinions. The world will find out more when she releases her likely-controversial music video at the 2017 VMAs this evening.

See you there, Little Tay.

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