Katy Perry’s Former Stagehand Is Suing Her For The Craziest Reason









Katy Perry is months away from kicking off her Witness Tour. But now the singer is facing a legal battle from her old tour stagehand because she lost her toe while on tour.

Christina Fish was Katy’s 2014 Prismatic World Tour stagehand. Christina is now suing Katy for an incident that happened while on tour. During Katy’s Raleigh, North Carolina show she was helping move a wall, which was part of the singer’s stage set.


She claims that while moving the wall it ended up rolling over her foot. In her lawsuit she said that the she felt her shoe fill up with blood. She said that no one from the tour crew called an ambulance so she called a friend to drive her to the ER.

Christina said that eventually she needed to get that toe amputated due to gangrene. Gangrene is when an infection occurs because of loss of blood supply. Since she lost her toe she claims that she had to give up many of her favorite hobbies and that the situation caused “great emotional distress.” She claims she can’t practice yoga anymore, something she loved to do.

She is suing Katy Perry, Live Nation and a few other stage production companies for a ton of money.

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