Issa Rae Is Looking To Make A ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot With Only Black Stars

Gossip Girl is officially 10 years old and plenty of dedicated GG viewers are in their feelings (and their Netflix accounts) as they reminisce on the simpler days of Lonely Boy, Serena’s tears, Blair’s headbands and the world’s only pure soul, Dorota. It’s hard not to go a day without thinking of Gossip Girl, especially when considering the mixed reviews of the finale, which luckily Chuck Bass (otherwise known as Ed Westwick) hasn’t even seen.

Gossip Girl is over and it just feels wrong. Well, it also makes us feel old, but mostly, it’s just plain wrong.

Luckily, if there’s one person who can not only make right that which is wrong, but also make things even 100 times better, it’s Issa Rae.

The genius mind behind Insecure is proposing a Gossip Girl-style reboot, also comparable to 90210, but this one will be even better than its inspo. Rae wants the series to revolve around a group of black teens.

Hell. Yes.

A show that depicts black kids for black kids and that is innovated/created by a black woman is not only necessary, it would also be groundbreaking, especially when considering the lack of consistent diversity in its predecessors. Representation matters, especially when it comes to television shows for teenagers. Rae makes this point by asking where a series like her idea has been and points out that the last one she could recall was Moesha, starring Brandy Norwood in the ’90s.

Rae already has her idea totally ironed out. She wants a main character named Lil’ Richie, who is rich but “so tired” of it. She wants “no goodie-goodies” and she makes sure to point out the truth: We definitely weren’t tuning into 90210 for Tori Spelling. #SorryNotSorry.

Oh, and there’s even a theme song. Well, the beginnings of a theme song. Just imagine the full version.

Affinity Magazine sang Issa’s praises and correctly stated that the reboot would be “iconic.”

Of course, Twitter users were happy to chime in with their excitement. It’s long overdue.

And there were plenty of people happy to audition. Roles for black actors are hard to come by, so not only would this show be powerful in terms of representation, it would also give jobs to a myriad of working actors.

The roles Rae describes are dynamic, which is important in television depictions of race.

Gossip Girl who? Sorry, we don’t know if we love you anymore. After this proposed show premieres, we’re signing all of our texts XOXO, Issa and not thinking twice about Dan Humphrey or those thick, ugly headbands ever again.

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