The Response To The Faux ‘Outrage’ Over John Boyega’s Carnival Dance Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

There are so many reasons to be grateful for Carnival. It’s an amazing celebration that gives people of Caribbean the chance to dance, party and express their joy in their culture’s rich history with the help of music and a good time.

Recently, John Boyega celebrated Carnival on Notting Hill in London, England. The 25-year-old actor posed for pics with fans, had a great time and even got down with the customary whine, a Caribbean dance. Boyega wasn’t alone, as Carnival is celebrated all over the world and the Notting Hill tradition is very highly attended.

Boyega gave his followers the chance to join on the fun by updating his Instagram story, posting pics and videos of his day out. The actor later said that he deserved the day off after work “two straight years” and TBH we don’t blame him for letting loose.

He took a video of himself as he wined and referred to the moment as “of another realm.” He was having a damn good time. Hello, this is all normal, especially for anyone familiar with A) fun and B) Carnival. (BTW, just so we’re clear, Rihanna‘s Carnival outfits are iconic and this is a very #blessed event every single year!)

Because apparently not everyone is aware of the afore mentioned points A and B, someone had to protest. In this case, a Star Wars fan decided to complain of the dance via Twitter.

“It’s not funny,” the fan wrote in response to the video and Boyega’s reaction. “Can you imagine strong females like Padme, Leia or Rey in a similar situation? I can’t…”

Boyega responded perfectly.

There are obviously so many things wrong with this misled fan’s reaction, but to put it summarily, strong women can do what they want when they want. Also, strong women don’t have to look like Padme, Leia or Rey OR dress like them (no shade to Leia’s signature hair) to command respect.

Other fans not only supported John Boyega, they also called out media sources for basically making something out of nothing in regards to a “controversy.” Rightfully, Twitter also pointed out that commenting on Carnival and its culture without any sort of knowledge or respect for it was totally out of line.

They also made sure to protect the woman featured in the video after reports accused her of being “scantily clad.”

Luckily, John Boyega also received plenty of praise and there’s a line of people who are 100% willing to whine for him at any time. And guess what? Any/all of them are strong women, simply exerting their power of choice as they have the right to do so.

Boyega also had some parting words in terms of the discussion, cautioning people to “be YOU and no one else!”

And PRAISE, this won’t be the last we’ll see of his Carnival fun. #Phase2 is coming soon.

Do it, John! Happy Carnival!

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