This Utah School Is Punishing Tardy Students With Hefty Fines

If you’re like us, being fashionably late has become a part of your everyday routine. Unfortunately for some tardy students in Stansbury Park, Utah, being even just a few minutes late will (literally) cost them.

According to AOL News, Stansbury High School is now charging students whenever they are late to class. First offenses will be given a warning, but second offenses will cost $3 and any additional late offense after that will cost $5. Get those checks ready, people.


The school’s administration says the decision is targeted at those who have sufficient time between classes but waste it socializing, making them late to the next period. All money collected from the fines will be put into a fund that is intended to benefit the students in the future.

Assistant Principal Cody Reutzel told AOL, “What we’re really trying to target is those periods between classes where really it’s a choice. It’s a personal decision of whether you’re going to walk from class A to class B and be on time.”

Many parents and students have spoken out against the new policy, claiming that it is unnecessary, but the administration believes otherwise. While the program has just been implemented, administrators say they have already seen results and hope it will resolve the issue at hand.

Students who cannot pay the fee have the option of serving lunch detention or having to maintain a clean tardy attendance for the following weeks.

If “tardy” is your middle name, you may want to start asking your parents for a few extra dollars for lunch each day. Make it on time or pay the fine.

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