Don Lemon’s Unexpected Moment Of On-Air Body Positivity Is Actually Amazing

Don Lemon has been on an absolute roll lately.

It began last month with his honest critique of Donald Trump’s rhetoric around Charlottesville and now Lemon’s hot streak is continuing with an unexpected moment of body positivity in CNN’s coverage of Hurricane Irma.

On Monday, Septemeber 11, just after midnight, CNN reporter Sarah Sidner was in Daytona Beach, Florida filming the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Sidner, trying to paint a picture of how the strong the wind was, decided that the best way to do so was to allude to her own body.

“I am not a small woman as you know Don,” Snider said. “I am a chunky girl and it is blowing me around.”

Now Sarah, just because you are “chunky” doesn’t mean you won’t be blown away. Weight does not equal invincibility. Snider’s comment plays directly into the fat-shaming verbiage that plagues so many people on a daily basis, but luckily, Lemon was not having it.

“Thank you Sarah Sidner,” Lemon responded. “Youโ€™re a beautiful woman no matter what size you are and there is nothing wrong with having a little curve.”

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“He’s the real MVP for his response,” one person commented. “Love that!ย #NothingWrongWithALittleCurves,” another wrote.

While Snider’s comment about herself seemed innocent. It was definitely a backhanded remark about her own weight, and Don responded with eloquence and positivity. Keep it up, Don!

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