This Barista’s Act Of Kindness Will Melt Your Heart

Have you ever had those days where you just can’t catch a break? Where it feels like the whole world is out to make your life suck? If you haven’t, then you’re either lying or in denial. One woman in particular had enough after finding out her boyfriend wasn’t as perfect as she thought he was.

The story comes from Reddit user GoldenBoy2191, who works at a Dutch Bros. coffee shop that the woman in question visited. The user titled his post “Yesterday a woman came through our stand upset, we hooked her up with a drink on us.” After giving her a drink, the woman began to cry and explained her situation.

“Imagine finding out that your boyfriend has a massively pregnant wife that you knew nothing about. Imagine getting zero hours of sleep because you know you have to work with him and see his stupid, cheating, lying, stupid freaking face all day,” she told them. “You’d probably just want some coffee to get you through that, right?”


The baristas didn’t complain. In fact, they even raised her spirits by telling her that she’s better than him and made “the best damn white coffee kicker [she’s] ever had” for free. I need to find a Dutch Bros. Coffee Shop nearby. The woman admitted to crying on the way to work after the barista’s act of kindness and later left them a note that further thanked them for their services, which GoldenBoy2191 shared. She even gave the baristas special seed paper to “grow love with it.”

If that doesn’t make your day feel a little brighter then I don’t know what will.

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